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Student internship agreements typically outline the specific duties and responsibilities of the intern during their internship program. It serves to establish expectations. Explore other free contract templates.

What’s an internship contract template?

An internship contract is a formal agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of an internship between an employer and an intern.

It typically includes a framework to ensure both the employer and the intern understand their obligations, rights, and the objectives of the internship, facilitating a clear and structured professional experience.

What’s in this free internship contract template?

  • Pay and compensation terms

  • Working hours and timeframes

  • Termination and confidentiality

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Best Practices When Using an Internship Contract Template


Detail terms clearly

Include intern duties, internship length, any pay, confidentiality, and how to end the agreement. Clear terms prevent confusion and issues.


Ensure legal compliance

Make sure the internship agreement follows all applicable laws, like labor and anti-discrimination laws. Consulting a lawyer ensures legality.


Use clear and concise language

Write the contract in easy-to-understand language, avoiding legal or complex terms, so both the intern and the organization are on the same page.


Distribute copies

Give a copy of the contract to both the intern and the organization, so everyone knows the agreement details and can address any future concerns. Keep a copy for records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an internship agreement necessary?
Yes, an internship agreement is necessary as it protects both the intern and the organization offering the internship. It clarifies the expectations and responsibilities of both parties and can prevent any misunderstandings or disputes that may arise during the internship period.
What should be included in an internship agreement?
An internship agreement should include the names of the parties involved, start and end dates of the internship, specific duties and responsibilities of the intern, compensation and benefits, confidentiality and intellectual property requirements, termination conditions, and general provisions.
Is an internship agreement legally binding?
Yes, an internship agreement is a legally binding contract between the employer and intern.
Can an internship agreement be modified?
Yes, an internship agreement can be modified if both parties agree to the changes. However, any modifications should be made in writing and signed by both the intern and the organization offering the internship to ensure that both parties are aware of the changes and agree to them.

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