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CROSS-PLATFORM Electronic signature solution

Sign documents yourself or send for a signature

SIGN.PLUS is available on multiple devices and platforms, and allows you to self-sign documents, or send documents for signature through desktop, Android, iOS, email, Google products, and more to come soon including app integrations with Salesforce and Slack.

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Ease of Use

Sign documents yourself or collect signatures

Upload multiple documents, add annotations, initials, date, and signature.

Send documents for signature and set signing steps and order.

Move documents to folders and organize your workspace.

Real-time logs to keep track of any activity during the signing process.

Tamper Proof Audit Trails

Legally binding with tamper-proof audit trails

Comply with electronic signature regulations such as ESIGN, eIDAS. ZertES.

Validate the authenticity of an electronic signature.

Tamper-proof audit logs that contain status, name, IP address, time-stamp, ...

An audit trail that serves as legal proof of receipt, review, and signature.

Legality Guide

Time-saving templates for frequent documents

Create reusable signature requests and send out repeatedly in an instant.

Place fields for signers and set different steps and recipient roles.

Streamline your workflow efficiency and boost signing speed.

Ideal for contracts, legal agreements, NDAs, HR contracts, forms, ...

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Seamless integration with your digital workflow

Google integration to sign documents via G. Drive, G. Docs, Gmail, ...

Slack integration to send, sign, collaborate in your Slack workspace*

Salesforce integration to streamline Salesforce agreements*

* Coming soon

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Enterprise Ready

Collaborate with co-workers and streamline workflows

Share documents and templates among users in your team.

Corporate admin panel to manage users, permissions, and roles.

Keep track of users' activities and the status of documents across the team.

Extensive integrations to streamline workflows.

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Mobile Apps

Upload, send, sign documents on the go

Secure eSignature mobile app to sign documents electronically.

Scan or upload documents from storage or cloud  (Dropbox, iCloud, ...)

Upload or draw a signature as your electronic signature.

Track the signing process from your device in real-time.


Cross-platform electronic signature solution with the focus on security, compliance, and ease of use

Legally Binding

Legally Binding

Comply with electronic signature regulations such as ESIGN, eIDAS, ZertES, and more.

Extensive Integrations

Extensive Integrations

Seamless integration with applications and services you already use.

Extremely Secure

Extremely Secure

Online signing experience that meets and exceeds the strictest global security standards.


Extensive Regulatory Compliance Offerings

Having world-class security and privacy is the philosophy we built our product and service offering around. We are committed to certifying ourselves and our products for all relevant certifications and compliances, including SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, and more.


Data Encryption At Rest and In Transit

The cornerstone of our application is the security of your data. We encrypt all documents at rest using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), with each user's unique encryption key. Furthermore, to protect data in transit between our apps (currently mobile, API, web) and our servers, we use TLS 1.2+ encryption.

data residency

Exceed Your Data Residency Requirements

Meet and exceed your local data residency requirements by storing your files and documents in the region of your choice. There are over 20 regions to choose from which include United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland. You can reside your documents along with their backups in the same data center or different data centers.


Swiss Grade Security & Privacy

We offer some of the strongest privacy protection in the world. Being a Swiss company ensures that all our user data is under the protection of strict Swiss privacy laws. We store user personal information on our Swiss data center, which is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (FADP) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (FODP).

Powered by Alohi

Companies and enterprises trust their data with Alohi for its cutting edge technology, compliance with the strictest security standards and protection by Swiss privacy laws.

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