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Effortlessly sign or send documents for signature by leveraging powerful eSignature tools. Drive efficiency and streamline your business smoothly.

tamper-proof audit trails

Tamper-Proof Audit Trails

Secure logs capture all activity, including names, IP addresses, and devices, ensuring every action is traceable and unalterable.
monitor progress status

Monitor Progress Status

Easily monitor the status of your signature requests in real-time to see who's opened, viewed, or signed your documents.
completion certificates

Completion Certificates

Receive a detailed certificate for every signed document, providing you with essential audit and peace of mind.
create reusable templates

Create Reusable Templates

Prepare documents once with fillable fields, save as templates, and resend with ease, saving time for what's important.
organize document

Organize Documents

Keep your signed documents organized in folders within your account, ensuring easy access and security.


Use Sign.Plus to sign documents or send requests for signatures across all platforms including, Web, iOS, or Android.

Extremely Secure & Reliable

Sign.Plus safeguards your sensitive data with advanced encryption, tamper-evident document security, and robust authentication. We prioritize document integrity, signer identity verification, and overall system security.

Industry-Leading Compliance Standards

Our data center is fully certified, audited, and verified to meet the strictest regulations, ensuring your data's security and compliance.


Your electronic signatures are legally recognized and protected.


Your digital transactions within the EU are secured and legally binding.


Your electronic signatures and certificates maintain integrity and legal validity.

ISO/IEC 27001

Your information is secured following international standards.


Your data's safety, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy is evaluated in this audit.

Data Residency

Choose where your data is stored to meet local regulations.


Your sensitive medical information is protected in compliance with HIPAA standards.


Your payment card data is secured for safe transactions.


Your personal data is protected under European Union, and California state laws.

Ready for Teams of All-Sizes

With our Business & Enterprise plans, stay connected to your team's document activities, ensuring seamless workflows and operational efficiency for organizations of all scales.


A Suite of Productivity & Efficiency Tools

More Sign.Plus Features

Versatile File Support

Sign.Plus supports various file types, including RTF, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, JPG, PNG, and many more.

Resend Reminders

Expedite your signing process by sending a new reminder to your signers.

Automated Reminders

Schedule reminders to prompt remaining signers until the document's expiration.

Seamless Sharing

Share signed documents, or receive copies via email even if you’re not yet a Sign.Plus user.

Create Realistic Signatures

Save a realistic version of your signature by drawing via mouse, trackpad or stylus, or uploading a scanned image.

Efficient Document Search

Quickly locate files by title, date, or associated notes, streamlining your document retrieval process.
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