Take Control of Your Documents

Organize and manage personal and business documents with Folders

Stay in control of your documents

Organize your documents into distinct folders and enhance your productivity with a structured system. Access your files conveniently for business or personal use.

Boost Productivity with Organized Folders

Streamline document management to achieve optimal efficiency

Streamlined organization

Organize your documents by categorizing them into distinct folders, simplifying the process of locating specific files when needed.

Work hard, work smart

Boosted productivity

Take control of your document management by grouping your files for easy navigation and efficient file access.

secure storage

Folders serve as a secure storage solution that safeguards sensitive documents, ensuring privacy and data protection.

Effortless access

Users can easily access files by navigating through created folders, instead of searching through other documents.


Folders accommodate a large number of files, allowing users to expand their document library.

Paperless Solution

Make a positive environmental impact by embracing paperless solutions and contributing to a sustainable future.

How to Create & Manage Folders Effectively?

Securely organize your documents with ease

Access Your Documents

Sign in to your account, and go to the Documents section on your Dashboard to view all of your documents.

Create a Folder

Find the Folders tab to view the list of your available folders. If needed, find the option to create a new folder by clicking Add Folder.

Add Documents to New Folder

Next, click on the 3-dot button next to your document, and find the Move button. Select your destination folder, and click Confirm.

Wish to learn more on how to create and manager folders and add your documents to different folders? Check out the What are folders? help article.

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