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Sign.Plus's Certificate of Completion offers verified proof of signed documents, ensuring authenticity and legal compliance, making record-keeping and auditing straightforward.

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Ensure Legal Validity with Tamper-Proof Audit Trails

Ensure transparency, protect sensitive data, and promote legal compliance

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Completion Certificates

Receive a detailed certificate for every signed document, providing you with essential audit and peace of mind.
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Tamper-Proof Audit Trails

Secure logs capture all activity, including names, IP addresses, and devices, ensuring every action is traceable and unalterable.
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Monitor Progress Status

Easily monitor the status of your signature requests in real-time to see who's opened, viewed, or signed your documents.
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eSignature Legality

Sign.Plus ensures the validity and integrity of electronically signed documents, making them legally binding for important business transactions, contracts, and agreements.
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Security & Privacy

Sign.Plus prioritizes security and employs advanced encryption and authentication to safeguard data, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and preventing unauthorized access.
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Compliance Offerings

Sign.Plus is designed with top-tier security and privacy. We're dedicated to meeting key certifications and compliances that ensure alignment with global standards.

What is included in the Certificate of Completion?

Find an audit report with details about document signers and viewers
For each completed document, the Certificate of Completion includes:

  • Document status

  • Document completion date and time

  • Sender(s) name and email address

  • Signers(s) names and email addresses

  • Signer(s) signatures

  • Signer(s) IP addresses and location

  • Tamper-proof time stamps showing when the document was sent, viewed, and signed by recipient(s).

Refer to the What is the Certificate of Completion help article to learn more about obtaining the Certificate of Completion for a document, and also merging it with a signed document.

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