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Regulatory Compliance Offerings

Our platform meets the strictest standards across various industries. From SOC 2 to HIPAA and GDPR, we've got your compliance needs covered, ensuring your documents are as secure as a fortress.

Security Measures for Sensitive Data

We shield your data with encryption, multi-layer security, two-factor authentication, and more, ensuring your information stays yours alone. Peace of mind comes standard, knowing your data is under Swiss-grade protection.

Tamper-Proof Audit Trails

Our tamper-proof audit trails and completion certificates provide a clear history of your documents, ensuring every step is transparent and secure, giving you and everyone involved absolute confidence.

Data Encryption At Rest and In Transit

Using top-tier encryption, we ensure all your signed files are securely protected with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Your files are untouchable to unauthorized eyes, both stored and sent.

Enterprise features that empower efficiency and collaboration at scale

Unlock new levels of security, compliance, productivity and collaboration for your organization with exclusive features for the Enterprise plan, including HIPAA compliance, advanced security controls, single sign-on (SSO), priority support, seamless API and Zapier integration, and more.

Data Residency

Our Data Residency ensures your sensitive information stays within your chosen borders, respecting local laws and giving you control over your digital footprint.

HIPAA Compliance

Our HIPAA-compliant processes mean patient information is handled with the highest respect and security, maintaining trust and confidentiality.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Our SSO lets you access all your platforms with one set of credentials, making your digital life simpler and more secure.

API and Zapier Integration

Sign.Plus integrates seamlessly with your current systems through API and Zapier, automating your workflows and bringing all your tools together.

Advanced Security Controls

Take control with our Advanced Security Controls. Elevate your data protection and meet specific compliance needs with customizable security settings.

Priority Support

Our dedicated team is on standby to help Sign.Plus Enterprise users navigate any challenges, ensuring smooth sailing for your needs.

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Boost Productivity and Collaboration with Sign.Plus

Sign.Plus is an innovative electronic signature solution that offers a range of benefits for businesses of all size. With Sign.Plus, professionals can benefit from all the available productivity and collaboration features, including document sharing, reusable templates, advanced user management, and many more.

Effortless Document Sharing

Share documents, folders, or templates with your team members seamlessly, fostering a collaborative workspace.

Create Reusable Templates

Prepare documents once with fillable fields, save as templates, and resend with ease, saving time for what's important.

Centralized Admin Control

Manage users, permissions, and billing from a single dashboard, simplifying administration and document archiving.

Extensive Integrations

Use 3rd party integrations to streamline agreements and contract management processes.

Monitor Progress Status

Easily monitor the status of your signature requests in real-time to see who's opened, viewed, or signed your documents.

Scalable Solution for Teams

Our Business & Enterprise plans keep you connected to your team's document activities, ensuring seamless workflows and operational efficiency.

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