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Elevate the efficiency and security of your organization’s agreements and contracts with SIGN.PLUS. Streamline your entire process by automating agreement workflows and easily connecting with team members or recipients. With SIGN.PLUS, you can boost productivity, save valuable time and money, and deliver an exceptional experience to your customers and employees.

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The Complete Solution for Streamlined, Secure, and Compliant Electronic Signatures

Extensive Regulatory Compliance Offerings

Adhering to industry-specific certifications and compliances is crucial to ensure the security and compliance of our premium electronic signature solution, regardless of the industry in which it is utilized. SIGN.PLUS is therefore certified for all pertinent certifications and compliances such as SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, and other related regulations.

Robust Security & Data Protection Features

SIGN.PLUS offers some of the strongest security and privacy protections to safeguard your data, including data encryption at rest and in transit, n-tier system architecture, two-factor authentication (2FA), single sign-on (SSO), internal and external vulnerability assessments, Swiss-grade privacy protection, data residency, compliance with electronic signature regulations, and more.

Scalable for Teams of All Sizes

SIGN.PLUS is an enterprise-ready electronic signature solution designed for teams of all sizes offering effortless document collaboration, unlimited templates for a faster workflow, a centralized admin panel for managing members and permissions, user hierarchies for efficient document archiving, extensive integrations, and single sign-ons.

Seamless Integrations with Enterprise Applications

You can have a simpler eSignature experience by connecting the apps and software you already use in your workspace. SIGN.PLUS offers seamless integrations with Google Workspace, as well as Salesforce, Slack, Zapier (coming soon), so you can simplify complex business processes while maintaining the same legality level.

Tailored Business Solutions for Your Industry and Department Needs

Enterprise Ready

Streamline Workflow and Ensure Security & Compliance

SIGN.PLUS is an innovative electronic signature solution that offers a range of benefits for businesses of all sizes  working in the banking and financial industries. With SIGN.PLUS, professionals in these industries can experience a faster turnaround time when it comes to signing and completing important documents.

Audit Trail Certificate of Completion

Maintain transparency for each completed document by getting a certificate of completion containing a tamper-proof audit report with details about the signer.

Real-Time Progress Monitoring

With real-time tracking, maintain control and visibility over signing processes, and reduce delays and streamline workflow efficiencies.

Data Encryption

All signed files at rest are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), with unique encryption keys for each user.

Centralized Admin Management

Centralized management dashboard enables efficient user management, permissions, billing, and user hierarchies. Easily organize and manage your account.

Document Sharing with a Team

Empower seamless collaboration among team members by providing the flexibility to share other team member's documents.

Create Reusable Templates

Create reusable templates for your documents, and share them with your team to collectively maximize efficiency and save time.

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Streamline Workflow and Ensure Security & Compliance

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