Collaborate Seamlessly: Share & View Documents in Real Time

Connect and collaborate with seamless communication

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Achieve seamless and enhanced coordination within your team through online Document Sharing. With this powerful feature, effortlessly grant team members access to view each other's documents. Boost productivity and streamline workflows by enabling secure and controlled document access for your team members.

Collaborate Effortlessly With Your Team

Protect sensitive information with secure access controls

Seamless collaboration

Facilitate effortless collaboration among team members by securely sharing and viewing documents within your organization.

Work hard, work smart

enhanced communication

Gain access to team members' documents, enabling smoother collaboration and enhancing teamwork.

secure & Controlled file Access

Document Sharing ensures secure and controlled access to your files by protecting sensitive information and maintaining confidentiality

convenient anytime, Anywhere

Allowing for flexible work arrangements, access your shared documents anytime, anywhere, from any devices with an internet connection using SIGN.PLUS

time & Cost Savings

Save time, reduce costs, and eliminate the need for traditional document handling such as printing or scanning, as well as unnecessary meetings.

WOW the customer

improved efficiency

Accelerate workflows and boost productivity by reducing delays and enabling faster decision. Eliminate needs for manual document transfers to enable efficient teamwork.

How to Share a Member's Documents with Your Team?

Control document viewing permissions for team members

Select Your Team Member

Go to Users section on your Dashboard and find the team member you wish to manage the document sharing permissions for.

Open Doc Sharing Settings

Find the 3-dot button next to the selected member, and click Manage Document Sharing to open Document Sharing settings.

Manage Permissions

Grant your team member permission to view documents of the other team member(s) of your choice.

Wish to learn more on to manage the document sharing permissions across your team? Check out our What is Document Sharing? help article.

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