Enhance productivity with Sign.Plus Microsoft integrations

Sign.Plus offers seamless integration with Microsoft apps to enhance document workflows. By integrating Sign.Plus with Microsoft, users can effortlessly sign and manage documents, automating a variety of time-consuming tasks, and streamlining processes with routine apps. 

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Supercharge your document management and eSignature processes

Sign.Plus Microsoft Integration is your key to streamlined workflows, improved productivity, and making time for what truly matters.

Automate workflows

Effortless workflow automation

Users looking to save key Sign.Plus documents, such as templates, executed contracts, or endorsed quotes, in their Microsoft account can effortlessly streamline tasks that would typically be time-consuming. This integration offers complete control over the entire process of sharing and attaching files.
Time-Saving templates

Streamlined security in document handling

With Sign.Plus, security is a top priority. Rest easy knowing that your data and documents are thoroughly protected during the integration with your Microsoft account, maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security.
Consistency & accuracy

Effortless teamwork and collaboration

Enhance team collaboration effortlessly within Microsoft applications. Share, edit, and sign documents directly, boosting efficiency and teamwork. Our integrated solution makes collaboration smoother and more effective.
Fast document generation

Simple integration process

Setting up is straightforward and user-friendly. Our detailed help guides lead you through each step of the integration process, ensuring that Sign.Plus works seamlessly with your Microsoft apps, accessible to users of all skill levels.

Effortlessly connect Sign.Plus with apps you use routinely

Automatically documents to your OneDrive folders

Seamlessly link Microsoft OneDrive to Sign.Plus to simplify your document management. Automatically store signed documents in your OneDrive for easy access and organization. Ensure your important files are securely archived, creating a more efficient and organized workflow.

Streamline your Excel workflow with Sign.Plus

Empower your data-driven workflows by integrating Excel with Sign.Plus. Automatically populate Excel spreadsheets with information from signed documents, reducing manual data entry. Streamline your data management processes and ensure data accuracy with Excel integration.

How to set up Sign.Plus for Microsoft apps?

While Sign.Plus offers a native integration with Microsoft Word to eSign Word documents via its Word add-in, you can utilize Zapier integration to connect Sign.Plus to other Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Teams.
Connect Sign.Plus with Microsoft apps

Begin by linking your preferred Microsoft app with your Sign.Plus Business or higher plan on Zapier. It's a good idea to conduct a few tests to ensure seamless integration and functionality.

Create your Zaps with Zapier

Tailor your workflow automation in Zapier with customized 'Zaps' that fit your unique needs and requirements. Enjoy the flexibility to create as many Zaps as necessary to streamline your preferred processes.

Test and customize

Once you've set up your automation, simply test its functionality to ensure everything runs smoothly. Feel free to further tailor it to perfectly fit your needs!

Try Sign.Plus now & eSign files easily and securely

Legally binding electronic signatures with Sign.Plus provide a multitude of benefits compared to traditional paper-based document signing. With our platform, you can save time by completing signing processes faster, reduce costs by going paperless, and work stress-free with increased security through extensive compliance offerings with industry standards.

Try Sign.Plus to eSign documents online now to see the difference it can make for your business.

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