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If you have a form or a contract that you require sending out for signature often, you can simply create a template for it, where you can set the recipient roles and fields they need to fill. Templates provides a streamlined and efficient way for individuals and corporations to handle their documents that need to be sent out frequently, such as contracts, agreements, and forms.

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Automate workflow with Templates

The Templates feature by SIGN.PLUS is a great tool for a busy environment. With Templates, users have the ability to send requests for signatures instantly by selecting their pre-made template, and tracking the progress of those requests with real-time audit trails. Users also have the capability to sign documents from anywhere. Made easy by SIGN.PLUS’ accessible web app and mobile app, signing needs can be handled from anywhere.

A fully compliant and secure tool

SIGN.PLUS is fully compliant with industry standards for electronic signatures including the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), the European Union's eIDAS Regulation, and more. These laws establish the legal validity and enforceability of electronic signatures, making sure that documents signed electronically are just as legally binding as those signed on paper.

App integrations with other business tools

With built-in signature capability, and user-friendly interface, users can sign documents on the go with effortless navigation. SIGN.PLUS integrates with business tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Salesforce (coming soon), allowing users to streamline their existing workflows and access documents from a variety of platforms.

Collaborate with colleagues via shared templates

Sharing Templates is a valuable tool for businesses to enhance efficiency and reduce time spent on customizing frequently used documents. By sharing Templates, team members can collaborate with each other and streamline the process of collecting signatures. This ability to share enhances collaboration and increases productivity.

How to create a reusable template?

Generate reusable templates for multiple recipients and assign signing order

Upload your documents

Go to the Templates section on your Dashboard. First step is to upload the document you want to use as a template.

Add signers with order

Add your recipients and assign their signing roles, and determine the sequence in which they will sign the document by adding signing steps.

Prepare the document

When adding signature fields, select fillable fields from the left-hand editor and drop them anywhere on your document as preferred.

Before saving, review your new template. The final step is to write the message that will be sent to your recipients as part of the automated email from SIGN.PLUS when sending the template. You can customize the document's settings by adjusting the reminders and expiry dates. These settings will remain the same each time you send the template, unless they are modified.
You can also utilize available free contract templates for different purposes, including accounting contract template, construction contract agreement, non-disclosure agreement template, residential lease agreement, sales contract agreement and many more.

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Get your documents prepared and signed faster than ever

The Templates feature by SIGN.PLUS provides a flexible, efficient, and streamlined solution for handling the same types of documents that need to be sent out frequently. Users can share their templates with others, making it easy to collaborate and streamline their signing processes. Setting up Templates on SIGN.PLUS can take only a few minutes as it has a versatile and user-friendly format.

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