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A property management agreement should detail responsibilities like rent collection, maintenance, tenant support, enforcing leases, and financial oversight. This ensures the property stays in top condition, tenants are satisfied, and both the manager's and owner's interests are safeguarded. Explore other free contract templates.

What’s a property management agreement template?

A property management agreement is a document that outlines the responsibilities of a property manager or management company in handling the daily operations of a property.

It ensures the property owner maintains ownership and control, while the manager takes care of tasks like tenant relations, maintenance, and rent collection.

What’s in this property management agreement?

  • Scope of services

  • Responsibilities of Agent

  • Payment & Fees

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Best Practices When Using Property Management Contract Template


Define roles and responsibilities

Clearly outline each party's duties in the contract. The property manager needs to know their tasks like tenant screening, collecting rent, and managing repairs. The property owner should understand their responsibilities, including funding, following laws, and approving big expenses.


Include clear and specific terms

The contract should include clear and specific terms related to the services being provided, such as the duration of the contract, fees, payment terms, and termination clauses. This helps to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes in the future.


Protect your interests

Make sure the contract includes provisions that protect your interests as a property owner, such as requiring the property manager to obtain proper insurance coverage, and providing for regular reporting and communication on property management activities.


Select a trusted property management firm

Before signing a property management contract, research to find a reputable company with a solid history of success. Check for positive reviews, references, and proper licensing and insurance. Choosing a trusted company ensures effective, efficient management of your property, reducing risks and boosting returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I terminate a property management agreement early?
Depending on the terms of the agreement, it may be possible to terminate a property management agreement early. However, there may be fees or penalties for doing so, so it's important to review the contract carefully and discuss any concerns with the property manager before signing the agreement.
What services are typically included in a property management agreement?
Services included in a property management agreement can vary, but typically include things like rent collection, tenant screening and placement, property maintenance and repairs, handling of emergency situations, and regular communication and reporting to the property owner.
What fees should I expect to pay under a property management agreement?
Fees associated with a property management agreement can also vary, but typically include a monthly management fee that is a percentage of the rent collected, as well as fees for leasing and tenant placement, maintenance and repair work, and other miscellaneous expenses. These fees should be clearly outlined in the agreement.
How long is a typical property management agreement?
The length of a property management agreement can vary, but it is common for agreements to have a term of one year, with the option to renew for additional terms. It is important to review the length of the agreement and any provisions related to termination or renewal before signing.

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