Use In-Person Signing to Transform Your Transactions

Facilitate agreements and transactions effortlessly by collecting signatures when you're face-to-face with your clients or partners. Elevate your business interactions with the convenience of immediate, secure, and personal exchanges.

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Connect & Sign Your Documents In Person / Face-to-Face

With all parties present, secure the necessary signatures in just minutes

Automate workflows

Real-Time Verification

Ensure the authenticity of signatures with real-time identity verification, providing an additional layer of trust.
Swift Agreement Closure

Swift Agreement Closure

Instantly finalize agreements with in-person signings, speeding up processes and cutting wait times.
Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Sign.Plus protects sensitive information, ensuring secure and private transactions.
Fast document generation

Direct Collaboration

Facilitate efficient agreements with immediate, face-to-face feedback and adjustments.
Effortless customization

Personalized Experience

Strengthen relationships and satisfaction by offering engaging, personalized interactions.
Paperless Solution

Paperless Solution

Make a positive environmental impact by embracing paperless solutions and contributing to a sustainable future.

How to conduct an in-person signing session with Sign.Plus?

Get together with your signer, and initiate the signing session from your device

Upload Document
Go to the Sign section in your Sign.Plus Dashboard. As you upload your document to be signed by your recipient, and select the Request Signature option.
Add Signers & Choose Verification Method
Add your signers, assign their specific roles, and outline the order of their signing actions. For enhanced security, select the Recipient Verification icon to set an identity verification method for each recipient. Then, for face-to-face transactions, choose the Sign in Person role for your designated signer.
Finish Preparing Document & Host
Add signature fields on your document by selecting annotation fields. Drag and drop fields anywhere on your document as preferred. Once your document is ready, select Send. By default, you will be set as the Host of the session, and you'll be notified via email to initiate the signing process.

In-Person Signing use cases

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Patient consent management

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Confidentiality agreements

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Policy acknowledgements

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Enrollment forms

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Service contracts

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High-value purchase contracts

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