Extra authentication layer with recipient verification

Activate an extra level of document protection with recipient verification, designed to ensure that only the intended recipient can access and sign your documents. Sign.Plus offers two methods of verification to meet your business needs, via passcode or SMS.

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How to use Recipient Verification?

Upload Document
Go to the Sign section in your Sign.Plus Dashboard. Upload your document to be signed by your recipient.
Add Signers & Choose Verification Method
Add recipients, assign their roles and define signing steps. For enhanced security, click the Recipient Verification icon and choose a verification method for each recipient.
Finish Preparing Document & Send
Add signature fields on your document by selecting annotation fields. Drag and drop fields anywhere on your document as preferred. Send once your document is ready.
Wish to learn more on recipient verification and how to verify the recipient during the signature process? Check out these help articles:

Recipient Verification use cases

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Patient consent management

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Employee onboarding

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Insurance applications

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Account opening

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Property transactions

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NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements)

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