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Creating a custom electronic signature with a generator or maker tool allows you to quickly and securely  place it on your documents or contracts.
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Draw Your Signature for Free

Sign.Plus’ free signature maker tool allows you to create and draw your own custom signature in just a few steps. Thanks to our user-friendly interface you are able to create a handwritten signature to your liking.

This easy-to-use signature creator allows you to customize and edit your electronic signature by changing the color, width, and angle of your drawn signature. When you are happy with the result, your generated electronic signature is available to download in PNG format. You can then start using it as a template to sign emails or any other document file (i.e. Word or PDF).

Draw Your Signature for Free
Draw Your Signature for Free

Can I use the eSignature I downloaded from this page on any document?

With Sign.Plus, you can sign or request a signature for any document file, and your signature will be legally binding. You can also use your newly created drawn signature to sign various types of documents, such as contracts, forms, proposals, Word documents, PDFs and more. It’s easier than ever to add a signature to any kind of document.

Benefits of Using the Drawing eSignature Tool


Drawing your signature online adds a personal touch to documents, making them feel more authentic and unique.


Hand-drawn signatures can be harder to replicate than typed or digital font signatures, reducing the risk of forgery.


A hand-drawn signature can lend credibility to a document, signaling to others that you have personally endorsed or agreed to its contents.


In some jurisdictions, hand-drawn signatures may be required for certain types of documents or transactions to be legally binding.

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