How to Sign Documents on iPhone

Scan, upload, and sign documents electronically on your iPhone or iPad device

How to sign a PDF on your iPhone?

Follow these simple steps to eSign a document on your iPhone:

  1. Download & install the SIGN.PLUS iOS app.
  2. Go to the Sign section and select Sign Myself or Request Signature.
  3. Upload the files you would like to sign yourself or send for signature.
  4. Insert the recipients details and specify the signing order/step.
  5. Add the fillable fields to the document and start the signing process.

How do I electronically sign documents on my iPhone or iPad?

Signing documents electronically is becoming increasingly popular because of its convenience, security, and cost-effectiveness than traditional paper-based methods. SIGN.PLUS is one of the leading electronic signature providers, offering a user-friendly and secure mobile signature application for iPhone devices. With the SIGN.PLUS app, you can easily and securely sign with iPhone, allowing you to operate your business efficiently and effectively from anywhere. Let’s explore how to use your iPhone to electronically sign documents on SIGN.PLUS, including the benefits and features of the app.

Eco-friendly Signing Solution

SIGN.PLUS helps businesses and individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize their impact on the environment by enabling users to send and sign documents on iPhone and iPad devices electronically, reducing the need for printing and physical document handling.

Save Time and Maximize Productivity

With SIGN.PLUS, users can streamline their PDF document signing processes using the iOS eSignature app. Without the need to print and scan, everything can be done online in an efficient and time-saving manner. This improves user workflow productivity and effectively saves valuable time.

Security and Compliance

SIGN.PLUS complies with industry regulations, such as eIDAS, ESIGN, and ZertES, ensuring that businesses can maintain their legal and regulatory obligations while using the platform. Offering some of the strongest security and privacy protections to safeguard user data, SIGN.PLUS uses data encryption in transit and at rest, automated and manual application security audits, two-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and more.

Boost Your Productivity with More Features

SIGN.PLUS offers a range of features designed to elevate user productivity when it comes to esigning documents on iPhone or iPad. Request signatures from multiple recipients and define their roles and signing steps with ease, ensuring a seamless and organized workflow. You can set automatic reminders, expiration dates for transactions, and even specify whether recipients should sign the document or simply receive a copy. These intuitive tools make the entire signature process quicker and more efficient, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Step-by-step Guide to Sign Documents on iPhone

Upload document(s)

From your SIGN.PLUS dashboard, find the Sign tool. Scan (mobile only) or upload your document(s). Select who needs to sign the document(s). If you selected Request Signature instead of Sign Myself, you will be prompted to add the recipient name, email, and designated signing step here.

Edit and eSign

Select from a variety of placements ranging from signature, text, and initials to date and checkboxes. Edit the document(s) by dragging placements freely, and by roaming through font and color options. If you selected Sign Myself on Step #1, you will be prompted to sign at this step.

Send your document

Well done! Your document is ready. Please follow the prompts for sending out your document. Otherwise, click on Download to access your finished document right away.

How to sign a document on iPhone - FAQ

Can I sign any type of document using my iPhone?

Yes, you can sign any type of document using your iPhone, as long as you have an electronic signature app or software like SIGN.PLUS installed. This includes contracts, agreements, waivers, and other legal documents. With an electronic signature app, you can easily add your signature to a document and send it back to the sender, all from your iPhone.

Is it safe to sign documents online using my iPhone?

Yes, it is safe to sign documents online using your iPhone as long as you use a reputable electronic signature app or software such as SIGN.PLUS. Many electronic signature providers use encryption and other security measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the documents being signed. It is important to do your research and choose a trusted provider that is compliant with relevant data privacy laws and regulations.

Do I need a stylus to sign documents on my iPhone?

No, you do not need a stylus to sign documents on your iPhone. Most electronic signature apps and software allow you to sign documents using your finger. However, if you prefer to use a stylus, you can purchase one separately and use it to sign documents on your iOS device if supported.

How can I track the status of a document that I have signed using my iPhone?

Most electronic signature apps and software allow you to track the status of a document that you have signed using your iPhone. You can usually see when the document was sent, when it was opened, and when it was signed by the other party. Some apps also allow you to receive notifications when a document has been signed, ensuring that you always stay up-to-date on the status of your documents.

Can I electronically sign PDFs on my iPhone?

Yes, SIGN.PLUS allows you to sign PDFs on your iPhone. Simply download the app, upload your documents, and sign with your customized digital signature.

Can I electronically sign a document and send it directly from my iPhone or iPad?

Yes, SIGN.PLUS allows you to sign documents and send them directly from your iPhone.

Try SIGN.PLUS Now and sign documents on iPhone securely

SIGN.PLUS is a powerful and user-friendly tool that streamlines document signing processes in corporate settings, offering businesses the benefits of improved security, efficiency, accessibility, and a reduced carbon footprint. It can be used from anywhere on the go, providing safe storage of documents, streamlining processes, access from any device, eliminating in-person processes, automated reminders for timely completion, and integration with other business tools. With SIGN.PLUS, documents in PDF or other formats can be easily added for signing, making it a simple and practical online signature solution.
Download the SIGN.PLUS eSignature app for iOS and scan, send, and sign documents on iPhone or iPad devices.

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